Commercial Law Centre

Commercial Law Centre

The aim of the Centre is to provide an environment for high quality research in all aspects of national, international, transnational, and comparative law, relating to commerce and finance, with scope for particular attention to be paid to emerging markets.  The Centre supports interdisciplinary research in these fields, and seeks to provide an opportunity for interaction between academics, practitioners, and policy makers from around the world.  The Centre aims to nurture and encourage the researchers of the future in this important area of legal scholarship.

The Members of the Centre are all involved in research projects, many of which entail cooperation with the legal profession and with policy makers.

The Centre runs an occasional series of lectures and events, as well as programmes for visiting academics and junior academics, who come to Oxford from all over the world to pursue their research.  The Centre also hosts a blog on topical issues in commercial law.  News about recent events and activities of the Commercial Law Centre is available here.

The Commercial Law Centre is closely associated with Harris Manchester College.  Professor Louise Gullifer, a Fellow and Tutor in Law at the College, is the director of the Centre.  In addition, Professor Hugh Beale, Paul Davies, Isabel Ruiz, Professor Jeffrey Wool, and Kristin van Zwieten are all members of the Centre.

Please visit the website of the Commercial Law Centre for more information.