6. Library Matters

The main reading room is called the Tate Library. It is on the first floor of the college in the main building. It has over 50 reading spaces, desktop computers, printing and scanning facilities, an up-to-date book collection, a self-issue system and 24 hour opening.

The Library Office is on the ground floor of the main building and it is from here you can get access the Library stacks where the antiquarian books and archives are kept and also the Carpenter Library of World Religions. It contains books on all the major world religions, mythology, Oriental culture and history, and folklore and is useful for students reading Theology, Anthropology, Archaeology and Oriental Studies

The Library exists to make your life in College easier. The Library staff will try to help you with all your enquiries. Please do not hesitate to ask for any help.

We have a generous book budget and aim to provide as many books as we can for your course. Please ask us to purchase what you need.

You will receive a small book fund whilst you are in College and the library staff administer this for you.

The Library is open to all members of the College. If you want to show family or friends around, please ask a member of the Library staff for permission. All members of Harris Manchester College may use the Tate Library. As a member of the College you will be able to access the Library with your University card which will unlock the door mechanism. A member of the Library staff is usually available to help you on weekdays 9.00am. – 1.00pm and from 2.00pm – 5.00pm.

All personal items are left at the owner’s risk and we advise you to be careful with expensive belongings.

The rules for accessing the 24 hour Library service are:

This facility is available from Monday 0th week to Saturday 10th week each term and also during the Easter vacation.

Members of College who wish to use the Library between 11.00pm and 7.00am need to attend one of the induction sessions presented by the Fellow Librarian or other member of the Library staff. This will cover information about safety, security and responsibility.

Only members of the College may use the Library after 11pm. Non-members of the College are not to be admitted into the building or the Library after 11.00pm. Every person entering or leaving the building or the Library must use their University card to open the door. If two or more people enter or leave at the same time each must use their own card. Please do not allow anyone to tailgate you into or out of the building or the Library. This is a fire safety measure as well as a security measure. The last person to leave the Library at any time is responsible for turning out the lights. No sleeping overnight in the Library No hot food to be brought into the Library No alcoholic drinks to be brought into the Library No parties are to take place in the Library or within the main building.  Please be very quiet when exiting the main building into the Tate Quad as others are sleeping. This is part of the general rules of living in the College community. If the opening hours of the Bar are extended beyond 11.00pm, the Library will be shut at 11pm and will not reopen until 7.00am the next morning. Any breach of these rules may result in the junior member being asked to appear before the Junior Dean or the Dean, who may impose sanctions, including banning the junior member from the Library between the hours of 11.00pm and 7.00am.

Serious or persistent breach of these rules by junior members may lead to the 24-hour opening facility being withdrawn from all junior members.

Other Oxford Libraries
Admission to the Bodleian (University) Library and its dependent libraries is by means of your University Card. Details of any induction sessions at the Bodleian Library in 0th week will be included on the Fresher’s Week timetable.

Not all libraries in Oxford are accessible to all Harris Manchester College students. Please ask the Library staff about admission policies at any libraries you may wish to use. All College libraries are private and restricted to their own members and you may be denied access.