5. Academic Dress

Gowns are worn at dinner on the formal nights (Mondays and Wednesdays) each week. Gowns may be obtained from Shepherd and Woodward (109-114 High Street, Oxford) and Ede & Ravenscroft (119 High Street, Oxford) and second-hand gowns are sometimes available from the Bursary Office at the start of the academic year.

All Oxford undergraduates wear a Commoner’s gown (or where appropriate an advanced Student’s Gown), except for those who have been awarded a Scholarship, who may wear a long Scholar’s gown. Graduates of other universities reading for an advanced degree (or a diploma or certificate) may wear the gowns to which they are entitled in their own university, except if they are reading for the Oxford BA, when a Commoner’s gown must be worn.

Visiting Students should wear a Scholar’s gown.

Full Academic Dress (‘sub fusc’) must be worn by those on Oxford degree courses on a few formal occasions, such as the University’s Matriculation and Degree ceremonies and when sitting University examinations. It consists of:

dark suit/black skirt, dark socks/tights and black shoes, white shirt/blouse, white collar and white bowtie/black ribbon, and both cap (mortar board) and gown are worn