9. Catering Matters


The College provides the following meals in each eight-week term:
Breakfast:  7.45am -8.30am weekdays, 8.45am-9.45am Saturday [6 per week] Sunday Brunch 10.00am – 11.00am
Lunch:  1. 00 pm Monday to Friday [5 per week]
Dinner:  6.45pm Monday to Friday [5 per week]
(Dinner is at 7.15pm on SCR/JCR/MCR Guest nights)
During Weeks 1-8 dinner is formal on Monday and Wednesday

During 0th Week of each term meals will be available as follows:
Michaelmas Term 0th Week:
Monday – Lunch and Dinner – Dinner is not formal
Tuesday  – meals as per normal (no guests allowed)
Wednesday – Dinner is formal (but gowns are not mandatory)


For Graduates Only: Breakfast and Lunch will be available subject to when the kitchen will be providing meals for the purpose of staff and conferences. Please note that meals may not be available to students on certain days when conference arrangements prohibit it.

Dinner will not be available out of term.

Hilary & Trinity Terms 0th Week:
The first meal available will be lunch on Monday – No Dinner
Tuesday – Breakfast and Lunch
Wednesday – All Meals. Dinner on Wednesday is not formal.

b. Signing in and signing out for Meals
In order to ensure that everyone who requires a meal can have one, and to avoid unnecessary waste, please could you make relevant bookings online by 10.30am each morning.

If you are resident in College and you do not intend to be present at a particular meal then please sign out online. If you wish to bring a guest to a meal, please sign them in online.

If you are living out of College then please sign in online for meals and guest meals you require.

All students (whether living in or out) must sign in online for all guest nights (SCR, JCR, MCR).

Students are entitled to bring one guest to each Guest Night. Additional guests may be permissible at the discretion of the Steward.

Students may not sign in any other Harris Manchester College student as a guest, nor may meal credits be exchanged between students.

Please inform Mr Jefferies at the beginning of the academic year if you require any special diet due to a medical condition or for religious reasons. If you sign out by 10.30am on the day in question you will be given credits for lunch, dinner or Sunday Brunch (You must sign out for Sunday Brunch by 10.30am Friday morning if not required)  A maximum of 16 credits per term at £2.70 per meal will be given. If you bring guests in to meals the cost of these meals can be offset against the value of these credits. Beyond this meals for guests will be charged at £4.20 per guest for lunch and £5.80 per guest for dinner and £7.10 for SCR Guest Night.  Invoices and credit notes for meals will be raised at the end of each term. Please remember to sign-in your guest as early in the week as possible. As a member of College you may have up to two guests at any meal provided there is space in the dining hall.Living –out students should sign in for meals by 10.30am on the day, and will be charged at the rates above for any meals they and their guests take in college at the end of each term.Dinner on Mondays and Wednesday is a formal meal; Grace is said at the beginning of the meal, and following the University custom members are expected to dress more formally (for men – shirt, tie, jacket and trousers are sufficiently formal) and to wear academic gowns

c. Dining Hall
Please be punctual for meals. If for good reason you wish a meal to be kept for you this can be arranged in advance with the Steward. Please wear appropriate dress at all meals, and do not wear hats or caps in the dining hall. Shorts must not be worn at dinner. Mobile phones should not be taken to the dining hall.