1. College Government and officers

The Principal
The Principal, Professor Jane Shaw has responsibility for the overall running of the College.

Senior Tutor
The Senior Tutor, Professor Lesley Smith, is directly responsible to the Principal and Governing Body for the academic life of the College. If you have an academic problem this should first be discussed with the tutor concerned and, if it cannot be resolved at that level, then it can be taken to your supervising tutor. If the problem is still not satisfactorily resolved then you should take it to the Senior Tutor. Professor Smith is also the Supervising Tutor for those undergraduate students whose tutors are not Fellows of this College.

Tutor for Graduates
The Tutor for Graduates, Professor Crispin Jenkinson, is responsible for graduate matters.  He is available to discuss any graduate matters of an academic or welfare nature, and any complaints that may arise.

The Bursar
Peter Hyde is responsible for the College finance and accounts. He also supervises the domestic running of the College and oversees the work of the bursary, housekeeping, catering and maintenance departments. He is responsible for Health and Safety, Security and Personnel matters. If during your time in College you have any queries regarding fees, battels or your College account please see Mr Hyde. He will also be able to help you on financial matters related to the College. Mr Hyde is assisted in the Finance Office by Ms Marie McCarthy and Ms Katrina Menmuir.

The Fellow Librarian
The Fellow Librarian is responsible for the efficient running of the College library services for the benefit of all students, staff and College members. The Fellow Librarian also has responsibility for the College archives and the associated research services and for the antiquarian book collection. They are also responsible for the continuing development of the Library service in line with College plans. The Library plays a vital role in the life of the College and its members and if you have any suggestions or concerns please see the Fellow Librarian.

Academic Administrator
Ashley Walters is responsible for providing administrative support for academic matters and in particular arrangements for exams.  Ms Lill deals is responsible for administering the College Hardship Funds. She is also one of two College Harassment Officers for the College and the Disability Officer.  She is based in the Academic Office which is on the first floor of the main building.

The Dean & Junior Dean
The Deans are responsible for student discipline. Please contact the Dean, Professor Bill Mander if you wish to make an appointment to see him. The Junior Dean reports to the Dean and is responsible for fire precautions and residential emergencies. The Junior Dean, Ian McDole will also deal with requests for parties. The Junior Dean should be consulted if ever there are residential problems between students which cannot be mutually solved.

Dean of Degrees
Professor Sue Llewelyn and Professor David Matthews are responsible for presenting Harris Manchester students for matriculation and for graduation. If you have any queries about these ceremonies, you should ask at the Academic Office, where the administration is co-ordinated.

Conference and Office Manager
Clare Davis manages the Bursary Office team who are responsible for dealing with the day to day issues that may arise during term. The Bursary team will answer any queries you may have, but please do check your College Handbook first.

Any requests for room booking for tutorials and events in term must come through the Bursary via bursary@hmc.ox.ac.uk. Clare is assisted by Natasha Dark, Michalina Szopinska, Michelle Herbert and Katrina Menmuir. Her responsibilities also include the organisation of dinners, meetings, weddings and conferences outside of term.

The Steward, Nick Jefferies, is responsible for the Dining Hall and all dining events in and out of term. He is assisted by Paula Dancer, Dining Hall Manager, Simon Shepherd, Supervisor and Stuart Cherry, Hall Assistant. If you have any dietary requirements or issues please take the time to introduce yourself to Nick. Please do not be late for meals.

Housekeeper & Accommodation Manager
Tina Knowles and her staff look after the residential welfare of students. She is also in charge of the allocation of student rooms. Tina Knowles may be contacted by email on tina.knowles@hmc.ox.ac.uk.

Head of Maintenance
Mr David Seeney is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings. He is assisted by Nick Greehy and Christopher Bowring. Please consult him if you have any queries about electrical appliances. If you have a problem with your room, you should email the fault to maintenance-helpdesk@hmc.ox.ac.uk.

Catering Manager
Mr Steve Ramli-Davies is responsible for all catering in the College and is also the Head Chef. He is assisted by the Steward, Mr Nick Jefferies, who takes responsibility for presentation and service the Arlosh Hall and at College functions. You should consult Mr Jefferies if you have any special dietary requirements.

IT Manager
Jonathan Boucard is responsible for all IT and telephone issues. He is contactable in his office or via the Bursary. He is assisted by Daniel Knowles.

Director of Music
John Dunston as Director of Music is responsible for the running of the College Choir and the musical life of the College.

Susannah Reide as Chaplain is responsible the running of the College Chapel and its services.

Women’s Officer
Dr Linda Hulin is the College’s Women’s Officer.  She may be contacted on linda.hulin@hmc.ox.ac.uk.

Kate Wilson is the College’s LGBTQ Officer.  She may be contacted on kate.wilson@hmc.ox.ac.uk.

Equality and Diversity Officer
Dr Hayley Hooper is the College’s Equality and Diversity Officer.  She may be contacted on hayley.hooper@hmc.ox.ac.uk.

Harassment Officers
Dr Joshua Hordern (joshua.hordern@theology.ox.ac.uk) and Isabel Ruiz (isabel.ruiz@bsg.ox.ac.uk) are the College Harassment Officers.