15. Graduate Matters

The Tutor for Graduates is Professor Crispin Jenkinson. Graduate students who would like to make an appointment to see him should email him at crispin.jenkinson@dph.ox.ac.uk. Professor Jenkinson and the Principal will meet with each graduate student in Hilary term to review his/her work and discuss the supervisor’s reports.

A Fellow of the College will also be assigned to each graduate as College Advisor on all matters, academic and personal. The Fellow’s academic interests will, as far as possible, be in the same area as those of the graduate student. There is a reception for graduates and their advisors at the start of each Michaelmas Term.

The Common Room for graduates (the Middle Common Room) is situated on the ground floor of 30 Holywell and may be used by all graduate students, whether living in or out of College.   There is a kitchen nearby for use by all graduate students.

Subject to availability Graduate students will normally be housed in either 30 Holywell or Maevedi Hall. Those on term-time only tenancies must vacate their rooms and clear all contents during vacations, except where prior permission has been granted by the Accommodation Manager. The rooms are not large enough for the accommodation of any exceptionally large quantity of personal belongings.PLEASE SEE SECTION 9 FOR INFORMATION ABOUT GRADUATE MEALS DURING THE VACATIONS. NOTE ALSO THAT the kitchen in 30 Holywell House is available FOR GRADUATES ALL year round.

The College does not provide meals for graduate students during the vacations (with some exceptions), but the kitchen in 30 Hollywell is available year round.

Graduate students are also members of the Junior Common Room, and may use the JCR facilities and bar.

Graduates who have paid their maximum fee liability will be charged a continuation fee of £122 per term until they have submitted. This is in addition to the £488 per term continuation fee charged by the University.

Note: students already holding a first degree, who are doing a second undergraduate degree, are not members of the MCR and are not entitled to use either the MCR or the 30 Hollywell House kitchen.