7. Information Technology

The college provides wireless internet connections in student accommodation in College and in the Library. There is also The Peter Cruddas IT Suite situated in Graham Pye Hall that has 6 PCs available for student use. We subscribe fully to the Rules for Computer Use published by the University of Oxford. All students are required to read and adhere to these rules. More detailed information is available in the Proctors and Assessors Memorandum. Note that these rules apply not only to college machines but also to personal computers if connected to the network. Please read the website http://welcometoit.ox.ac.uk. IT facilities, including website and email access, are provided for reasonable academic use and any activity which may cause risk to other users or the college will not be tolerated. Penalties range from disconnection of your equipment without warning to a full reference to the University Proctors.

Please note that whilst there is a small amount of storage for personal files, it is recommended that all work is saved onto personal storage devices. College machines will be regularly cleaned and any saved material removed.

Networked printing is available from the Library and the Peter Cruddas IT Suite for academic work, lecture and reading lists.

The Peter Cruddas IT Suite has extended opening hours but students are reminded that it is in a residential area and as such there should be no noise between the hours of 10pm and 7.00am. Whilst students may consume light snacks in the IT Suite, all are reminded that and cups or wrappers should be appropriately cleared away.

The IT office is situated in Conway Hall, Office A (next to Housekeeping) and Jonathan Boucard, the IT Manager, is available during normal office hours. Students are encouraged to email it-support@hmc.ox.ac.uk or telephone (2)81462 to make an appointment if they need assistance.

Oxford University IT Services (IT Services) (13 Banbury Road) provides the college’s e-mail and Internet connectivity. Before you are allowed access to any college or University IT facilities you must be in possession of a University Card. Contact Ashley Walters, in the Academic Office (2)71009, if you do not have one.

New undergraduates are usually pre-registered on the Nexus365 system and will receive their username, password and confirmation of e-mail address from IT Services. The IT Services website http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/iam/registration/index allows those who are not pre-registered (graduates) to apply for a Nexus e-mail accounts for themselves. Any new account will start to work from 8am on the day following registration. E-mail addresses will usually take the form firstname.surname@hmc.ox.ac.uk. If you ordinarily use a name other than the first name as it appears on your University Card, apply to registration at IT Services to change your email address before the incorrect email address becomes known and used. Graduate students may opt to have an additional departmental address e.g. firstname.surname@law.ox.ac.uk which routes to the same account.

The Nexus system works through a web browser for access from public machines. You can configure your own computer to use a dedicated e-mail program such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Mail for Macs. Students are recommended to use the Exchange option when configuring an email client (e.g. Outlook). Check the IT Services website to find out how to do this:

Connecting to the network
Students wanting Internet access whilst in College will need to use the Wireless facilities. No wired connections will be made available. Of the three Wireless Networks (SSIDs) available in College, the preferred order of connecting is as follows: 1) Eduroam, 2) The Cloud, 3) OWL.

Students living out of college may wish to register for the University’s Remote Access service and install the Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) software, so that access can be made to resources that are only available on the University Network. This and other software is available from the Registration Services pages on the IT Services website. https://register.it.ox.ac.uk

Students in college with their own computer must connect to the Internet through the above mentioned Wireless networks.  You will be held responsible for all use of the Internet in your room. You are strongly recommended not to let friends or acquaintances use your computer, or load software, either in term, or in the vacation.

Wireless Networking: The Eduroam and OWL wireless networks available in the Library are the same as found in other libraries and departments. For wireless connectivity please follow the instructions on the IT Services website. Students must NOT INSTALL PERSONAL WIRELESS HUBS onto the College network. To do so will be in breach of College rules and fines may be imposed. The wireless Network called The Cloud is a commercial service from Sky. It is provided in College to benefit Conference guests and visitors, but may be used by students. Please Note: Not all Colleges, Departments or Libraries will offer The Cloud. However, some pubs, restaurants and railway stations do, and you can use your account there too.

Network Usage
Internet connectivity is provided for academic use. You must follow any guidelines issued from time to time by the college, IT Services or the Proctors. If a website appears to be unavailable from the college network and you believe that it should be available without breaking the university acceptable use policy, please email it-support@hmc.ox.ac.uk stating the website address and the reason why you believe the block should be lifted. Your request will be processed as an administrative function to add the site to the exception list. This will be followed subsequently and separately by a periodic and anonymous review of the entire list of sites submitted for firewall exception by the Senior Tutor and/or the Dean.

PLEASE NOTE the use of peer to peer software is strictly prohibited. The downloading of any Copyright material is also strictly prohibited and students are warned that anyone found in breach of this is liable to a fine of £100 per offence, removal from the network and/ or referral to the Proctors.

System Integrity
You are responsible for safe operation of any computer you connect to the College networks, including the wireless networks. As the connection is “always-on” the college encourages you to check that known software bugs have been patched by applying updates regularly. Computers using the Linux operating system are not to be connected without explicit authorisation from the IT Manager. You are not permitted to share files or operate your own web server from any machine connected to the College network. (Your Nexus account allows you to upload files onto the IT Services web servers if you want your own personal webpage.)

It is vital that you have an up-to-date virus checker installed, especially for Mac users. If yours has expired, please download and install the free Sophos anti-virus system the Computing Services website. See http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/viruses/index.

As a full time student at the University you are eligible for software available under the University’s site licence. A full catalogue is available from the IT Services online shop. Any software you install under this scheme must be uninstalled on leaving the University.

Microsoft Office is not currently available to students on the site licence, but a discounted Student Edition can be purchased via the following website: http://ox.ac.onthehub.com. For a free alternative to Microsoft Office, have a look at OpenOffice: http://www.openoffice.org.

IT Services (13 Banbury Road) offers a wide range of computer courses at convenient times and at reduced fees. Details can be found at www.it.ox.ac.uk.

Everyone should keep their own copies of important work on some form of external storage device. The College recommends the use of external hard drives. Any student wanting advice on the purchase of these devices can see the College IT Manager. Graduate students connected to the network in college are entitled to use the University provided system (HFS) to backup up most of the files on their own machines. This service is available from the IT Services self-registration web pages: http://register.it.ox.ac.uk

Printing facilities are available in both the Library and the Peter Cruddas IT Suite. In line with other Colleges and Departments, there is a small charge for printing, to cover the costs of paper, toner and the maintenance of these heavily used machines. Printing needs to be paid for in advance; a credit is then placed on the student’s login account and automatically reduces as jobs are printed. For assistance with printing, please either see the IT Manager or the Library Staff.

The College upholds members’ rights to academic freedom, freedom of expression and confidentiality. However, the College also has a statutory duty to have due regard for the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism (The ‘Prevent’ duty under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015). The College therefore reserves the right to monitor IT use in order to ensure compliance with the law and the College’s acceptable use policy. Any suspected breaches will be investigated by an independent panel of College members.