12. Medical Services

All students living in College must register with a doctor in Oxford, and preferably with the College doctors. It is important for you to register with a doctor as soon as possible. The College Doctors are Dr Simon Curtis and Dr Meriel Raine who belong to a group practice at 19, Beaumont Street. You can register with their practice using the information sent out to you at the beginning of the year. While you will be registered with one of our College doctors, any doctor in the practice can be consulted if it is urgent for you to see a doctor at short notice. There is also a nurse who can be consulted during surgery hours for advice on minor ailments.

Students who register with a doctor other than the College doctors should be aware that they will be personally responsible for paying any fees incurred for doctor’s certificates.

Appointments may be may by telephoning OXFORD 240501, (or if you use the telephone in the Library entrance on #6 411);

Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 6.30pm

In order to see the doctor of your choice you should make the appointment as far ahead as possible.

Emergency Calls
For all emergency calls telephone 999.

Night and Weekend Visits
A doctor is available for urgent medical calls when the surgery is closed. If you require a visit after 6.30pm or at the weekend, telephone Oxford 240501 (or #6 411 on the telephone in the Library entrance). A recorded message will give you the number of the doctor on duty.

Please do not ask for a home visit if you are well enough to attend the surgery. If in doubt please ask to speak to one of the doctors. Requests for the doctor to visit you should be made between 8.30am and 10.30am

Medical Care for Overseas Students
Please note that for student visa holders who are here for longer than 6 months there has now been introduced an Immigration Health Charge.  For further information please click here.  Students resident in Britain for less than six months will be liable to pay for all consultations and treatment, and are advised to take out insurance to cover this.  For overseas students who may not be familiar with the service of the NHS please click here for further information.

A list of trained first-aiders can be found on notice boards in the College.

All students are required to register the name of their doctor in Oxford and the name and address of their next of kin with the Bursary, in case of accident.