C. General Rules of Student Behaviour

The rules set out here, elsewhere on the College website and in the College Handbook concern the general behaviour of Junior Members.   They exist because the College is a community, and, as with any community, it is important that everyone behaves with due regard to the well-being and comfort of others.  Some of them are based on the Byelaws of the College, and others relate to more specific areas of College life, such as use of the library, the Dining Hall and the IT facilities.

  1.  General Behaviour

1.1       All students shall behave in a reasonable and responsible manner, with consideration for other members and staff of the College. They should refrain from any conduct likely to disrupt the academic, administrative or domestic functions of the College, or which may bring the College into disrepute.

1.2       No student shall damage or deface any part of the College.

1.3       Students must comply with the rules and regulations regarding harassment which can be found in the College Harassment Policy which can be found in Our Policies and Procedures

2.  University Codes of Practice and Regulations

2.1       Students must comply with all relevant University codes of practice and regulations.   Those particularly relevant to College life are mentioned below.

2.2       Students must comply with the University Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech.

2.3.      Students must comply with the University Policy and Procedure on Harassment.

3. Living in College
Regulations relating to living in College can be found in Part I, 10. Rooms and Houses.

3.1  Students must not keep any offensive weapons or any illegal drugs in College. The use and sale of any illegal drugs by any student is strictly forbidden.

3.2  Games.  Ball games and other outdoor sports are prohibited in the College grounds, with the sole exception of croquet, which may be played on the Arlosh quadrangle during the Trinity Term and Summer Vacation.

3.3  Noise.  No one has the right to make excessive noise, or use musical instruments, hi-fi, radios, or other sound equipment which disturbs others at any time, but especially between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.  Radios and musical instruments may not be played out of doors, nor should they be audible through windows.

3.4  Pets.  Pets are not allowed in College or any college-controlled accommodation.

3.5  Parties.  Permission to hold a party (by which is understood any gathering of more than six people in a student’s room) must be obtained from the Dean or Junior Dean and notified to the College Office at least four working days before the intended date. Permission is also required for gatherings on the College grounds and for barbecues.

3.6  Smoking. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on College property (including in the grounds). Students found breaking this rule will be fined £25 for each offence, and persistent offenders will be required to move out of college accommodation.

3.7  Roofs. For your own safety under no circumstances should any member of college (or guests) attempt to climb on to roofs of College. Anyone found doing so will be disciplined.

4.  The Library
For the rules of the Library please see Part 1, 6.Library Matters.

 5.  IT facilities
For the rules relating to IT facilities please see Part 1, 7. Information Technology.

 6.  The Dining Hall
For the rules relating to the Dining Hall please see Part 1, 9. Catering Matters.

7. Media
It is important that all members of College, both students and staff, be careful about speaking to the media and making any publication on social media, and this is particularly so when there is a risk that confidential or sensitive personal data might be inadvertently disclosed.