Vacation Accommodation


Those eligible to apply for vacation accommodation are:

Those with extended term dates beyond the dates of their tenancy
Undergraduate finalists who may apply for accommodation in the Easter vacation leading up to their finals
Undergraduates and postgraduates on taught courses with university examinations falling outside standard term dates


Those who are eligible to be accommodated during a vacation (see above) must complete a request form and return it to the Accommodation Manager, Tina Knowles(, no later than Friday of 6th week of each term. Late return will forfeit a student’s right to be considered for vacation accommodation. Anyone requiring vacation accommodation must complete and return the relevant form (available from the Accommodation Manager) by the stated deadline and sign the regulations concerning vacation accommodation. Late returns will not be accepted. The rules governing vacation residence can be found in Part 2.


All students must sign to abide by the terms and conditions governing vacation accommodation (attached). Anyone found breaking these conditions may be asked to vacate their accommodation immediately.

All students (with the exception of undergraduates taking university exams and finalists in the Easter vacation*) must pay for their vacation accommodation in advance. Non-payers will forfeit their right to vacation accommodation.

Postgraduates on research courses who vacate and clear their rooms will not be charged during vacations.

The College reserves the right to require students to move rooms during vacations.

The College does its best to accommodate finalists in the Easter vacation, but because necessary maintenance or refurbishment may limit considerably the number of rooms available, this cannot be guaranteed.

*Undergraduates who take finals in both the second and third year of their courses (e.g. Psychology) may have a total of five weeks’ free accommodation, to be divided as they choose between the Easter vacations in the second and third years (if they are awarded accommodation in both years).  For those who take finals in their second, third and fourth years (e.g. Engineering) they may have a total of five weeks’ free accommodation to be divided between the Easter vacations of their second, third and fourth years, should they be living in for any or all of those years.

Regulations for students permitted to stay in residence during vacations

 Where a student is granted permission to remain in residence during the vacation, such residence is subject to the following conditions:

If you are a finalist applying for a room over the Easter vacation, this must be on the basis that you will be occupying it for all or the major part of the vacation.

Rooms are allocated to a named individual who is responsible for maintaining the room in good condition. If that person is absent at any time during a vacation, the room may not be offered for use by another person unless the prior agreement of the Housekeeper has been obtained.

Any student granted permission to be resident during a vacation must register the dates of any absence with the Bursary Office before going away  (for reasons of security and fire safety we must know exactly who is resident at any time).

Rules governing guests: You may have a guest staying in your room with you in college for up to a total maximum of 5 nights in any one vacation (9 nights in the summer). Only one guest is allowed at any one time and guests must be registered in advance with the Bursary Office for the reasons given in para 3 above. (A ‘guest’ is a non-member of the College, or an HMC student who is not a resident student for the year in question, or a resident student who has not been granted permission to remain in College for the vacation).

As in term time, smoking is not permitted in any of the College grounds or buildings, including residential accommodation.

During the vacations, the College has to make use of residential accommodation and facilities to generate income that will help to provide the current level of services for students and staff, and to keep the College financially viable. As a result, facilities such as the JCR and meeting rooms in the main building/Holywell houses (including the Quiet room) are not available for student use. Computer room facilities may be restricted according to the priority needs of conferences. The Library is available during vacations, subject to any restrictions that the Librarian may have to impose.

Meals are not provided for students during the vacation (with some exceptions) and before deciding to apply for vacation residence you should note this, together with the fact that kitchen facilities for the total number of students staying in the Holywell Houses (apart from 30 Holywell) may be restricted.

Because of the need to maintain a quiet environment for effective study during vacations, noise must be kept to a minimum. Permission must be gained from the Bursar for any parties (a gathering of six students or more) in rooms or grounds, and permission must also be gained from the Bursar for barbecues.

The authority of the appointed Vacation Porter (currently a member of the student body) in relation to security and safety must be respected.

Where permission to remain in residence is on a paying basis, full payment must be made to the Finance Office in the form and at the time requested by the Finance Office.

Failure to fulfil the conditions of vacation residence may result in the person concerned being required to leave residence for the remainder of the vacation.