Door Access

Access to most of the College’s doors is now controlled via your University Card.

Your card should have been added to the system before it was issued to you. If you believe you are being denied access to a particular door at a time you should have access then please contact the IT Staff in the first instance.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Please report your card if it is temporarily lost or if you know it has been stolen, as soon as possible. You can do this via the Bursary, the Academic Office or directly to the IT Staff. It is critical we know as soon as possible so the card can be removed from the system. If you later find it, the card can always be re-added.

Obtaining a new Card

Cards are ordered via the Academic Office. If you have lost your card you may be subject to a charge for the issuing of a replacement. If it has been stolen (crime reference number required) or it has become faulty (faulty card must be produced) a replacement is usually provided free of charge.

Security is important

The College takes the security of all our members (including students) very seriously – please play your part by not allowing strangers to tailgate you through secured doorways. Never be embarrassed to challenge a stranger – use this as an opportunity to get to know a genuine colleague! Likewise, don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t hold a secured door open for you.