During your studies, you will be issued at least one email address, constructed as follows:

This account is created by the University of Oxford’s IT Services (, and is based on information you provided when you submitted your University application form.

Corrections to the spelling of your email address are considered a by-product of corrections to the spelling of your name on your University Card.


You can access your emails by visiting the IT Services webpage (link above) then clicking the link to log into the Nexus service. Alternatively, you can directly visit:

Please use your Oxford SSO account to log in.


Forwarding your email

It is important you monitor you University email address all the time. Some students prefer to redirect these emails to another email provider. you can set up email forwarding by visiting the IT Services website and clicking the Manage Accounts link, or directly visiting

Then, follow links to “Set, update or view Nexus mailbox settings”, then choosing the option to edit “Email forwarding address settings”

Please make sure you have some means of checking your messages. Failure to respond to a Tutor or the College by claiming you did not receive an email is not accepted.


Configuring an email client

Your best option is to configure your smartphone to use the Exchange service. Along with Eduroam Wi-Fi, you will get all your messages instantly.

Specific device configuration instructions, along with screenshots, can be found here:

Tip: your actual email address is: username[at] – enter this when configuring your device for an account of type “Exchange”.

Please try the above before visiting the College’s IT Staff. We are pleased to help those who have tried to help themselves.