Home Working

This page is intended to be a resource for Staff, and students, of HMC looking to work from home.

What is Home Working?

From an IT Office perspective, it is the use of personally owned computing equipment, or that supplied by the college, in a location other than your Office or other space in College. For Students, there is little change, but for Staff and Academics moving your daily tasks to a workspace out of college can require a different approach.

Since the University of Oxford has moved most of the services it provides from internally to externally hosted with Microsoft, working from home has become much less difficult.

This, of course, brings with it a different set of problems – namely security and all members of College are requested to think carefully at all times about who is asking them for passwords and the legitimacy of any website that is requesting credentials.


The Nexus (internal) system was replaced with Nexus365 (re-badged Microsoft Office 365) some time ago, and most users are by now familiar with it


If you prefer, you are welcome to configure an email program (Mail Client) on your own device. Obtaining and installing a full copy of Microsoft Office for FREE will be mentioned below

Instructions for configuring mail clients is well documented on the IT Services webpages:#



Collaboration (Video Conferencing and screen sharing)

Microsoft Teams is the preferred collaboration tool of the University of Oxford. Whilst other apps are available, all staff should use Teams for business communications.

Whilst Teams is available as a web client, the program, as always, provides more functionality when instslled on your device. Obtain it here;


Once installed, sign in as you would to any other Nexus365 service.


Using Teams

IT Services has published comprehensive user guides, so no attemt will be made to reproduce these here. Please review: