Printing is available via the eight computers located in the College’s Tate Library, or the six computers located in the Peter Cruddas IT Suite, first floor of Pye Hall.

In order to print, you must first log onto one of these computers – to do so, please use your Single Sign-On account. If you account does not let you log on after trying on at least two different computers then please contact the College’s IT Staff.

Once you have logged on, open the document you wish to print , then select the printer you wish to send the job to.


In the Library Foyer there is an A4 black and white printer and an A4 colour printer.

In the IT Suite there is a black and white printer.


Each term, all students are credited £6.00. This is equivalent to 200 single B&W sides. If you use up all your free credit in any given Term, you will need to pay cash (in units of £5.00) to the Bursary Staff, who in turn will submit a job request to the IT Staff. All credit should be applied within one working day (24 hours) – take note of this and do not expect a 5 minute response if you have a submission deadline. Please plan ahead.

Please also note – the Bursary Staff do not apply the credits, and the IT Staff do not accept cash.


B&W Single sided: £0.03 per side

B&W double-sided (duplex) £0.05 per sheet of paper

Colour (single or double-sided): £0.25 per side