Printing is available via the six computers located in the College’s Tate Library, or the six computers located in the Peter Cruddas IT Suite, first floor of Pye Hall.

In order to print, you must first log onto one of these computers – to do so, please use your Single Sign-On account. If your account does not let you log on after trying on at least two different computers then please contact the College’s IT Staff.

Once you have logged on, open the document you wish to print , then send the job to the Student Printer Queue


The College now operates a number of A3 colour Copier/Printer/Scanners (called Multi-Function Devices, or MFDs).

These can be found in the following locations:

  • Library Foyer
  • Corridor between JCR and Library Office
  • IT Suite, Pye Hall

Your print job will sit in the selected print queue waiting to be released. To release one or more jobs, visit your preferred MFD and swipe your University Card in order to identify yourself to the system. A list of pending jobs will be shown, allowing you to either delete jobs or release for printing. You will only be charged once the job is released and printed.


The MFDs allow Students to photocopy, please make yourself familiar with copyright regulations – notices should be attached to each MFD. To commence photocopying, swipe your University Card then choose Copying functions from the touch screen. Photocopying is a chartable service.

Scanning to email

Scanning to email is not a chargeable service, but you still need to swipe your University Card to identify yourself. By doing so, you will also find the from and to email address fields are automatically completed with your University email address.


Each term, all students are credited £6.00. This is equivalent to 200 single A4 B&W sides. If you use up all your free credit in any given Term, you will need to pay cash (in units of £5.00) to the Bursary Staff, who in turn will submit a job request to the IT Staff. All credit should be applied within one working day (24 hours) – take note of this and do not expect a 5 minute response if you have a submission deadline. Please plan ahead.

Please also note – the Bursary Staff do not apply the credits, and the IT Staff do not accept cash.


A4 B&W : £0.03 per side

A4 Colour : £0.15 per side

A3 B&W : £0.05 per side

A3 Colour : £0.25 per side