Your IT Staff can help you find the software you need for your course. In some instances, they can help you save money.


Despite contrary belief, Apple computers are NOT immune to viruses and a Mac virus infection, whilst less common, is often more catastrophic than on a Windows device. The University of Oxford recommend Sophos Anti-Virus – you can download this for free for use on multiple machines (Mac and Windows) directly from the Sophos website:

Free Sophos Anti-Virus (external link to Sophos website)


The College’s IT staff have had reasonable success using the Malware Byes Anti-Malware (MBAM) program – useful for removing adware (adverts), and other malicious software (malware):

Malware Byes (external link)


A useful app for flushing out multiple browser histories – saves a few clicks by not having to delete temporary Internet files in Firefox, then Chrome, then Internet Explorer. This is useful as a preparatory step before running a Malware scan, as deleting temporary files will reduce the number of files a malware program has to scan, thus it finishes quicker:

CCleaner (external link to the Piriform website)

Microsoft Office

There is a substantial discount available on Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office, via the University’s preferred software distribution partner. Please use your University SSO account to verify your entitlement:


Scientific Software

Specific programs may be recommended to you by your course tutors. If so, they should also provide details of how to obtain it. However, the University’s IT Services have an online shop where many such programs can be obtained: IT Services Online Shop

Products include: