Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet Access in College is available in three flavours:

* Eduroam
* The Cloud

Students – Please use Eduroam. For this, you will need a remote Access accounts.

Academic Visitors – Previously, you would have been instructed to use OWL (Oxford Wireless LAN). Harris Manchester College are pleased to offer The Cloud and you may use this. Please be aware: Not all Colleges, Departments or Libraries offer The Cloud. In such Circumstances, you will need to ask for an OWL Visitor account from the person you are visiting.

Conference Guests and others – Please use The Cloud. this is a commercial service from Sky, delivered through University of Oxford infrastructure. connecting is via self-service – you will need to register then can get online instantly without the intervention of the College’s computing staff.


Registering for a Remote Access account: https://register.it.ox.ac.uk

Eduroam Automated Configuration Tool (CAT): https://cat.eduroam.org

The Cloud Registration Page: http://service.thecloud.net