5. How we make decisions

Harris Manchester College has the following decision making processes and records of decisions:

a) Minutes of meetings

b) Governing Body – the Governing Body has three meetings a term at which the affairs of the College are discussed and relevant decisions are made.

c) College Handbook

d) College Accounts

e) Conference of Colleges – Oxford’s 38 colleges and 6 Permanent Private Halls are both an integral part of the collegiate university and also independent, self-governing academic communities. The Conference of Colleges is where they come together to deal with matters of shared interest and common purpose

f) Harris Manchester College representation within the Governance Structure of the University of Oxford – all official Fellows of Harris Manchester College are members of Congregation, the official Governing Body of the University of Oxford. In addition to this, several of our Senior Fellows sit on University Committees (e.g. Dr Eric Eve, Dr Lesley Smith, and Prof Louise Gullifer).