6. Our policies and procedures

Harris Manchester College has the following written protocols for delivering our functions and responsibilities:

a) The Strategic Priorities of Harris Manchester College are to complete the building of a Medical Academy and various other projects

b) College Handbook of Information and Regulations

c) Student Financial Information – The annual battels charge for 2019-20 (accommodation & food) is £6,300 (inclusive) for the 3 terms (term-time only).

d) Harris Manchester College Student Tenancy Agreements 2019-20 can be accessed here.  Term-time only and 9 Month tenancy (to be added shortly).

e) Health and Safety Policy Health and Safety Policy and Procedures. which includes the responsibilities of the Governing Body

f) Complaints and Appeals – on academic and other disciplinary matters – Student Handbook, Employees’ Handbook

g) Policy for the Development of Personal Evacuation Plans

h) Policy for Portable Appliance Testing

i) Policy and Risk Assessment for Major Breakdown of Services

j) Policy for Ensuring the Security of the College Site

k) Policy for the Removal of Dangerous Electrical Equipment

l) Policy for Risk Assessment and Procedures for the Outbreak of Disease

m) Safeguarding Policy

Harris Manchester College follows the University of Oxford policies and written protocols on the following:

a) Health and Safety – University Policy Statements

b) Risk Management Policy

c) Data Protection

Harris Manchester College is in the process of updating all its Privacy Notices and this page will be completed as soon as possible.

d) Equal Opportunities Policy

e) The University Harassment Policy.  Harris Manchester’s Harassment Policy can be found here. The College Harassment Officer is Victoria Lill

f) Conference of Colleges Appeal Tribunal

g) Environmental Policy

h) Computer Use and Communication Policy

i) Access Guide – Harris Manchester College is committed to providing equality of opportunity and improving access for all people with disabilities and are gradually making adaptations and facilities available within the limitations of the buildings that we have. We are keen to respond to any of our students individual needs.

j) The University Common Framework for Supporting Disabled Students: http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/aad/swss/disability/commonframework/.

k) FoI Act publication scheme

l) Policy and Procedure on Conflicts of Interest arising in Undergraduate Admissions