A Message from our New JCR President – Felix Glombitza


My name is Felix, and I am honoured and excited to be your next JCR president.

For those I have not yet met, here is a brief introduction about myself: born into a Polish family in Germany, I grew up very internationally, like many of HMC’s students.

After studying International Relations for a bit and doing several internships in France, I am currently enrolled in an undergraduate PPE degree and more than delighted to be part of this beautiful community. I spend my free time swimming, sailing, playing the saxophone and doing some NGO work – I hope to bring some of these hobbies to Oxford and further enrich our college life together with all of you.

To me, part of what makes HMC so special are the journeys that you all embarked on to come here; I am excited to hear more of your stories and get to know you.

As the previous committee and its presidents, Anna and Scott, have manoeuvred us successfully through the challenges of the past year, the new committee and I hope to continue their amazing work and lead HMC back to normal college life as soon as that is safely possible. Please approach me any time to share your ideas, ask questions or challenge me to a ping pong battle!

The current committee will remain responsible for JCR matters until the end of 9th week, but feel free to talk to the newly elected members and me at any time – we are looking forward to shaping this upcoming year together with you, dear HMC family!

Felix Glombitza (Incoming JCR President)