Dr Felicity Harley

The Principal and Fellows of Harris Manchester College are delighted to welcome Felicity Harley as a Visiting Fellow to the College for Hilary and Trinity terms.

Dr Harley is a specialist in early Christian and medieval art. Her work centres on the origins and development of Christian iconography within the visual culture of Roman late antiquity, and extends to the ‘survival’ of the Classical tradition from late antiquity through to the Italian Renaissance. She is a Lecturer in Divinity at Yale, and prior to that was the Gerry Higgins Lecturer in Medieval Art History at the University of Melbourne where she taught across the fields of Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and Renaissance art history, as well as art theory and historiography. She is currently preparing a monograph on the earliest images of crucifixion and co-editing (with Henry Maguire) a volume on the life and scholarship of Ernst Kitzinger.