Dr Marie Allitt Interviewed by Hospital Senses

Dr Marie Allitt, Humanities and Healthcare Fellow at Harris Manchester, was recently interviewed by ‘Hospital Senses’ the digital wing of The Wellcome Trust’s ‘Senses and Health/care Environments’ network.

In the interview, Dr Allitt describes her current research as, “[focusing on] the spaces and senses in healthcare and medicine, examining caregivers’ life writing and illness narratives.” As part of the Wellcome Trust’s ‘Advancing Medical Professionalism’ project, she is expanding her PhD thesis on First World War caregiving, with an emphasis on experiences and articulations of spaces and sense, into a full monograph focusing on geographies (spatial, sensory, phenomenological, textual, affective, and psychological) within healthcare.

A full transcript of the interview is available freely on the ‘Hospital Senses’ website.