HMC Librarian’s Charity Cycle Ride

On the hottest day of the year so far, Sunday May 8th  HMC Fellow Librarian Sue Killoran, and her husband Neil, rode in the Classic Oxfordshire Bike Ride to raise money for Against Breast Cancer.

Against Breast Cancer is a charity working to prevent secondary breast cancer by funding unique research into the development of new treatments, including ultimately a vaccine; improving upon current blood tests; and assessing diet and lifestyle for factors that increase the risk of secondary breast cancer.

Neil thought it would be easier to cycle to Harwell from Abingdon to start the ride, do the ride and then cycle home…I cannot think why I allowed him to talk me into this…it meant we cycled about 42 miles in total rather than 30 miles! Basically he didn’t want oily bikes in his car. In the early hours of the morning the temperature was quite nice, we rode up to groups of other cyclists, tucked in to slipstream, then Neil would break away and I’d have to sprint after him…he seemed to have misread the word ‘ride’ and had the word ‘race’ in his head!! He did allow me to stop once, after 25 miles, to drink cold sparkling water rather than the tepid stuff in my bottle which I had to drink while in hot pursuit!!

We survived and it was a very enjoyable event,  made even more enjoyable by the fantastic financial support so many you gave to the charity…a whopping £735.

Thank you, Sue