Rowing Success

Harris Manchester rowers Ségolène Lapeyre (W1) and Zuzana Vikarska (W2) raced for Women’s Headship for the 200th anniversary of Summer Eights. Wadham’s 1st VIII held off St John’s on Wednesday, setting itself up for two nail-biting races against a stacked Pembroke crew containing 5 Oxford Blues. Thanks to rigorous training and their fantastic coach, Rod Andrews, W1 held off Pembroke by a few metres on Friday. Closing the races on Saturday, they pulled away from Pembroke by a full boat-length, retaining Headship for second year! Despite irregular crew line-ups, W2 bravely faced tough competition from surrounding 1st VIIIs, finishing top of all 2nd VIIIs in third place of the third division after three bumps and a row-over.