Kasetsart University Thailand Student Exchange 2016

We are delighted that a group of Harris Manchester CollThailand Uni 2016 3ege participated in a student exchange at the Kasetsart University in Thailand.

Thailand and in particular Bangkok is one of the most prominent destinations for tourism in Southeast Asia. This is where you experience all the good and bad of tourism – from aggressive tailors and street merchants that try to sell you anything, overpriced tourist traps and environmental pollution, to hidden parts of the city with breathtaking natural spots, sacred Buddhist temples and the best Thai street food you will ever experience.

You’ll find great opportunities and amazing activities in and around Bangkok, and if you manage to stay away from the beaten tracks and the crowds, the city will surprise and amaze you in many ways which most if not all backpacker and short-time visitors miss.

The perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of what Thai culture really looks like is offered each year to a number of selected members of Harris Manchester College thanks to the generosity of the Principal of Harris Manchester College Rev. Dr. Ralph Waller and Kasetsart University. Thailand Uni 4

The Principal’s Travel Scholarship to Thailand and the cultural program arranged by Kasetsart University provide a unique opportunity to challenge one’s perceptions of Thailand’s culture and discover what an agricultural university in Asia is really all about.

HMC students will not only observe actual agricultural production practices but more importantly will get hands-on experience in organic and sustainable farming and gardening of rice, orchids and lotuses (among many other things).

Thailand uni 5There is also a visit to Sriracha Fisheries Research Station which conducts scientific research on anemonefishes, sea mussels and marine sustainability, and a fantastic opportunity to learn how to prepare and cook well-known Thai dishes such as Tom Yum Goong (Thai prawn soup).

Thailand uni 6 Thailand uni 7

The cultural program is relatively tight timewise, but if you can handle sleep deprivation like a real Oxford student, there are plenty of opportunities for the world-renowned nightlife such as Khaosan Road. These are just a few of the experiences you’ll get to enjoy during your trip but enough with the spoilers! Just apply and experience Bangkok by yourself! You will not regret it. Guaranteed!

We all agreed that the true priority on our bucket list for the next year is to return as soon as possible and visit our new friends of Kasetsart University and Bangkok.

Thailand Uni 2016 2