Professor Isabel Ruiz Awarded John Fell OUP Research Grant

The Principal and Fellows of Harris Manchester College send their congratulations to Professor Isabel Ruiz (Fellow in Economics), who has been awarded a John Fell OUP Main Award Research Fund Grant for her project: “Understanding Attitudes and Policy Preferences in Response to South-South Migration.”

This project will explore the determinants of attitudes towards migrants, as well as preferences for different policy responses. The project focuses on the case of Venezuelan migration to Colombia, an unprecedented wave of migration in the Latin American context. While most current work is focused on European and North American contexts, the project aims to shed new empirical and theoretical evidence on the determinants of immigration attitudes in a context that does not feature major differences between migrants and receiving country citizens.

In this project, Isabel will work with colleagues at Magdalen College and the University of Oxford’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), and they will be conducting survey experiments in Colombia.