Professor Ron Roy Coordinating Oxford Engineering COVID-19 Response

Professor Ron Roy, Fellow of Harris Manchester and Head of the Department of Engineering Science, has been busy with the coordination of a number of Coronavirus research projects.

Though not involved directly, it is Professor Roy’s job as Head of Department to ensure smooth running of all current projects which has become of tantamount importance in the time pressured conditions of a global pandemic.

Two projects in particular have made notable strides forward in recent weeks. One – a rapid test for Covid-19 – was featured on BBC 2’s Horizon Coronavirus Special – Part 1 (broadcast on 9th April, currently on iPlayer) The 30-minute RNA test uses a simple colour change to identify presence of the virus, a significant decrease from the 1.5-2 hours length of previous RNA tests.

Another has already resulted in a product: a clinical ventilator (pictured) that is undergoing fast track government approval testing. The OxVent ventilator uses periodic pneumatic actuation of a standard manual resuscitator bag to help Coronavirus patients breathe. Professor Roy had this to say about the rapid progress:

“[Oxvent] went from problem definition to testable prototype in less than 3 weeks, a process that can take 2-3 years in normal circumstances. Exceedingly proud to be a part of it all!”

More can be read on the new RNA test and OxVent by clicking on their respective links.