Student talks on education in Pakistan

Musty Kamal, a second-year Theology student at HMC, was recently the representative from Oxford at a reception for Pakistani students hosted by the Federal Education Minister, Shafqat Mahmood, and the Punjab Minister for Education, Murad Raas, at the London Marriott Hotel County Hall. The reception for select students from across the UK (Cambridge, Oxford, LSE) was to discuss ways in which the Pakistani education system could be reformed for the 21st century. Topics included: the national language, a single curriculum, and ways in which diaspora communities could contribute to Pakistan. Other issues such as women’s’ rights were also extensively discussed.

Musty is the recipient of a Laidlaw Scholarship for his project on the differing experiences of Muslim communities across the UK, having presented his research proposal at the Islamic Society’s Annual Research Conference at Worcester College, chaired by Prof. Timothy Winter. He will undertake the research at Cambridge University.

He has also had success in a number of recent debates – at the LSE South Asia Society’s Annual Debate on the #MeToo movement in India and Pakistan, successfully arguing that the movement had had a positive impact on the region and at the LSE Annual Pakistan Debate, successfully arguing against the motion that Pakistan necessitates an Islamic Identity.