Harris Manchester College
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How to apply to take an undergraduate degree at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

What we expect

We would expect all applicants to have the equivalent of 3 A grades at A level. This could include a previous university degree, an Access Course, a University Foundation Course, Open University Foundation Course, the International Baccalaureate, HND or A-levels. We take applicants' background and employment history into account,.


Prospective Harris Manchester students need to follow the normal application process for Oxford University, making their applications through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)

All applicants are strongly advised to consult a copy of the Oxford University Undergraduate Prospectus, which gives more details of the content of courses and of the other Oxford Colleges.

The University Prospectus is also available from http://www.admissions.ox.ac.uk/prospectus/
Oxford Colleges Admissions Office
University Offices
Wellington Square
Oxford, OX1 2JD
01865 288000
email: undergraduate.admissions@admin.ox.ac.uk

It is crucially important that applicants look carefully at the content and structure of their prospective course, to be sure that it is likely to suit them. Oxford syllabi and course structures are singular: it is not possible to study part-time, nor is it easy to take time off from a course. There are no modular courses, and most courses are still largely assessed by three-hour examinations taken at the end of three years. There are many students, especially mature students, whom this system does not suit. It is easy to be carried away by the allure of the Oxford "brand", without really considering whether or not it is what you want. Please consider the course carefully, before you apply.

So that we can track them through the University system, applicants should also complete HMC's own application form and return it direct to the Academic Administrator:

Victoria Lill
Harris Manchester College

The purpose of the HMC application form is to allow candidates the opportunity to provide further information about themselves in addition to that which they have provided on the UCAS form.  Should they prefer to leave the personal statement section blank on this form that would be in no way a disadvantage to their application.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that his or her additional referee(s) write directly to the Academic Administrator. 

Application forms for Harris Manchester can downloaded as a PDF file or MS Word document,

 Download application form for Harris Manchester College as a PDF file

 Download application form for Harris Manchester College as a MS Word document

or may be obtained from the Tutor for Admissions, Victoria Lill, by telephoning 01865 271009
or email her at academic.administrator@hmc.ox.ac.uk  

Where written work is required as part of the application, it should be sent direct to the College by 10 November. Applicants who do not have suitable work from a relevant course may choose to write on any topic they deem to be interesting for their prospective course. Further details of the requirements can be found in the subject entry in the University Prospectus or on line at www.admissions.ox.ac.uk.

The Academic Administrator is pleased to give advice to applicants who are uncertain of what work to submit.
The college application form requires a second reference (in addition to the UCAS reference) to be sent to the College, References should come preferably from people who can comment on an applicant's academic ability, or on qualities relevant to sustained intellectual work.

Written Tests

Some subjects require you to sit a written test, either before or at the time of interview. See http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate_courses/how_to_apply/tests/index.html for a full list. .

Resources & Lectures

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