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College Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries

College scholarships:

Bursaries of £100 may be awarded to students who have had a particularly distinguished first year's work.

Second Undergraduate Degree scholarships

Harris Manchester College, through the generosity of its Board of Regents, is able to offer, from 2008, a number of scholarships to students reading for a second undergraduate degree (SUD).  These scholarships are up to the value of £9000 a year for two years or £6000 a year for three years. Awards will be made on academic merit. The scholarships are for those who already have, or will have, a good first degree.  Recipients of the scholarship will be notified at the time of being offered a place. The College reserves the right to decide how many scholarships will be awarded each year.

Retaining the scholarship for a second or even third year will be conditional on the recipient receiving good academic reports. These scholarships have been given by supporters of the College with the understanding that if recipients at some time in the future are in a position to offer a scholarship to another Harris Manchester student, then they will endeavour to do so.  Scholarships will only be given to those who are not in receipt of significant levels of funding from other sources (e.g. employers, charities, funding bodies).

Second Undergraduate Degree scholarships include:

Michael and Junemary Moyle Scholarship

The Michael and Junemary Moyle Scholarship is worth £3,000 per year and awarded to an able student.

Oxley Ching Scholarship

The Oxley Ching scholarship is worth £9,000.

The Bob Michaelson Shed End Scholarship

The Bob Michaelson Shed End scholarship is worth £9,000.

Those wishing to apply for an SUD scholarship should apply in the normal way to Harris Manchester College between 1 September and 15 October in the year before they wish to start the course. For full details see www.admissions.ox.ac.uk.

Other Prizes:

Sue Ashtiany and Paul Davies Prizes:

Each academic discipline in college may award up to three £50 Sue Ashtiany and Paul Davies prizes per year. Criteria vary between disciplines, but include an appraisal of the whole year's work, or a prize given for a particular essay or dissertation.

Donal Tranter Prize

A Donald Tranter Prize of £100 is awarded each year for the best all round contribution to College life.

All Souls' Scholarships:

Given by All Souls College. It provides a book grant to each first-year student. The fund also supports HMC students who qualify for the Oxford Bursaries Scheme.

Aylmer-Sanders Prize:

Through the generosity of Vivien Aylmer and Neil Sanders, a prize of £100 is awarded each year for academic achievement in first-year examinations.

Rowlinson Prize:

A prize of £50 from an anonymous benefactor given for progress made in the second year.