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Undergraduate finance and support

Fees 2016/17

University and College fees are fixed for each year and are subject to variation from one year to the next. Accommodation charges also vary from year to year. As much notice as possible is given of any increases in fees and charges.

Undergraduate fees

For up to date information on fees for 2016/17 please go to the University web site.


Accommodation charges

The college does not require students to live in College, although University rules require students to live in, or close to, Oxford. The college has no accommodation for couples or families.
Battels ** £5,622 (subject to increase for 2017/18)
**Battels charges include accommodation in single study-bedrooms, heating, lighting, use of student kitchens, cleaning services, provision and laundering of bed linen and breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday-Friday, breakfast on Saturday and brunch on Sunday during term. Only graduates on research degrees and overseas students may live in College over the Christmas and Easter vacations: they will be charged for accommodation taken out of term.

The College has no self-catering accommodation.

Students living out of College may sign in for any meals and will be billed for them at the current rates at the end of each term.

Living costs

The University estimates that in 2016/17 the average annual maintenance costs for an Oxford undergraduate living for 27 weeks of the year in College accommodation are approximately £8,727-£12,894 (this figure includes the accommodation charges above.)
The University estimates that a graduate student or an undergraduate who needs to live in Oxford year-round should allow approximately £11,636-£17,191 to cover living costs in Oxford for a 12 month period. This figure does not include travel costs.
Further information can be found at http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/graduate/fees-and-funding/living-costs.

Sources of funding

Those from low income backgrounds may be elgible for an Oxford Bursary.  For further information please see http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate/fees-and-funding/oxford-support

In addition the Government offers further maintenance grants and fee reductions for those from low income backgrounds.  For further information see http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate/fees-and-funding/government-support

Hardship Funds

College and University Hardship Funds are available to both undergraduate and graduate students who have a financial difficulty which was unforseen at the time of accepting the place. Grants cannot be given to students to support debt repayments, nor for hardship caused by fluctuations in currency exchange rates. In addition there is the government run Access to Learning Fund.  Forms for each of these are available from the College's Academic Office.

Book Bursaries

Thanks to the generosity of All Souls College, every student receives a bursary towards buying books.

Conference and Travel Grants

Students may apply for grants towards attendance at conferences and for travel costs for field work trips.

Second Undergraduate Degree Scholarships

The College has a number of scholarships which are awarded on the basis of academic merit for students undertaking a second undergraduate degree. The Scholarships have a value of up to £18,000 each, spread over the two or three years of the course.

Childcare funds:

Home students should apply through the Access to Learning Fund for childcare provision costs.
1. Childcare Relief Fund. All matriculated full time students are eligible to apply to this fund, in cases of unforeseen changes of circumstances, which place the student in financial hardship. It is a means tested emergency fund to assist students for up to six months for the cost of childcare only. The fund is administered by the Student Funding Office, but application forms will be available through college from the Academic Office.
2. Childcare Grant. This is funding provided by the government and students apply through their LA. This is for childcare provision costs for full time students with dependent children in registered or approved childcare. It is based on actual childcare costs and is means tested.
3. Parents' Learning Allowance. This is for course-related costs for full time students with dependent children. It is means tested and students apply through their LA.
4. Child Tax Credits. For students this replaces Dependants Grant for children. It is means tested on income and circumstances (Inland Revenue). You don't have to be working to claim it. See  www.inlandrevenue.gov.uk/taxcredits

Funding for students with disabilities:

Disabled Student Allowance
Disabled Student's Allowance. DSAs are available to all British ("home") students. They are not means-tested and the assistance does not have to be repaid. Applications are made through the student's LA and further details can be found at http://www.ox.ac.uk/students/welfare/disability/funding/.

SpLD Fund
The Dyslexia Fund. Students can now apply to one source, centrally, to cover the costs of their dyslexic assessment. See website above.

See also website section on College Prizes, scholarships & bursaries

Please contact the college office if further information is required.
E-mail: academic.administrator@hmc.ox.ac.uk or telephone 01865 271009