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Academic resources

The College Library

The College Library contains over 70,000 volumes, which have been accumulated since the College was founded in Manchester in 1786 which means there are substantial collections of rare books and manuscripts.

The main reading room is named the Tate Library, because the building was given by Sir Henry Tate, the Unitarian sugar merchant, who also founded the Tate Gallery. Most of the books you will wish to use are shelved here but do be aware that we have a large collection of books and periodicals in the stacks. If you cannot find the title you want it could be shelved in the stacks.

The Carpenter Library of Comparative Religion, based on the collection given by J. Estlin Carpenter, Principal 1906-1915, is housed in the stacks. It contains books on all the major world religions, mythology, Oriental culture and history, and folklore and is useful for students reading Theology, Anthropology, Archaeology and Oriental Studies. You may use this collection in exactly the same way as you use the collection in the Tate Library. Unfortunately, you can only get access to it when library staff are available.

The Library staff will try to help you with all your enquiries. Please do not hesitate to ask for any help and we welcome suggestions from students for book purchase. We never tire of helping you find what you need.

The Library is open to all members of the College. In term time, all members of Harris Manchester College may use the Tate Library between 8.30 a.m. and 11 p.m. As a member of the College you will be given a key to the Library as the Library is kept locked at all times. A member of the Library staff is usually available to help you on weekdays 9.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. and from 2.00 p.m. - 4.30 p.m. Please check vacation opening times with the Librarian.

Other Oxford Libraries

Admission to the Bodleian (University) library and its dependent libraries is by means of a University card. The cards will be distributed to Freshers in the induction week by the Librarian at the induction talks so do please attend this very important session. Details of any induction sessions at the Bodleian Library in 0th week will be posted on notice boards and on the timetables in your mail boxes.

Information Technology

The college provides network connections in every student room and in the library. There is also The Peter Cruddas Computer Suite situated in the Warrington building that has 6 PCs available 24/7. We subscribe fully to the Rules for Computer Use published by the University of Oxford. All students are required to read and adhere to these rules. More detailed information is available in the Proctors and Assessors Memorandum. Note that these rules apply not only to college machines but also to personal computers if connected to the network. Please read the website http://welcometoit.ox.ac.uk.

Please note that personal files are not to be stored on the College computers. It is recommended that all work is saved onto personal storage devices, such USB storage devices. College machines will be regularly cleaned and any saved material removed.

Networked printing is available from the library and the Peter Cruddas suite for academic work, lecture and reading lists.

The Peter Cruddas suite is open 24 hours a day but students are reminded that it is in a residential area and as such there should be no noise between the hours of 11pm and 7 am. In addition students are asked not to eat and drink in the room. There is a kitchen available below the suite for eating and drinking.

Oxford University Computing Service (OUCS) (13 Banbury Road) provides the college's e-mail and Internet connectivity. Before you are allowed access to any college or University IT facilities you must be in possession of a University Card. Contact Victoria Lill, in the Academic Office (2) 71009, if you do not have one.