Dr Clare Taylor

Research Fellow


Dr Clare Taylor MBE is a General Practitioner and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Academic Clinical Lecturer in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. She graduated from the University of Cambridge and undertook higher training in academic general practice, including a Master’s degree in Public Health, and then completed a NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship. Clare’s doctoral thesis explored the clinical pathways of patients with heart failure in primary care. She has also worked on large heart failure screening and diagnostic accuracy studies and led a postgraduate Heart Failure module.

Clare is passionate about providing the best possible care to her patients and feels academic general practice has a vital role to play in optimising quality and safety within the NHS. She has played an active role at the Royal College of General Practitioners representing trainee and new GPs as Chair of their Associates in Training and First5 Committees and is also a member of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence clinical guideline group for chronic heart failure.

Her current research focuses on the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with heart failure in the community. She is also the Oxford lead for a Priority Setting Partnership on advanced heart failure using the James Lind Alliance method, trial clinician for two large studies on chronic kidney disease and has close links with the cardiology department at Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust including a collaboration with the OxValve team. Clare supervises DPhil, Master’s and medical students and is an academic adviser here at Harris Manchester College.

Selected publications:

Taylor CJ, Rutten FH, Brouwer JR, Hobbs FD. Practical guidance on heart failure diagnosis and management in primary care: recent EPCCS recommendations. Br J Gen Pract 2017;67:326-327

Taylor CJ, Ryan R, Nichols L, Gale N, Hobbs FDR*, Marshall T*. Survival following a diagnosis of heart failure in primary care. Fam Pract 2017;34(2):161-8 (* joint senior authors)

Taylor CJ, Roalfe AK, Iles R, Hobbs FDR on behalf of the REFER investigators (Barton P, Cowie MR, Davis RC, Deeks J, Mant K, McCahon D, McDonagh T, Sutton G, Tait L). Primary care REFerral for EchocaRdiogram (REFER) in heart failure: a diagnostic accuracy study. Br J Gen Pract 2017;67(655):e94-e102

Taylor CJ, Hobbs FD, Marshall T, Leyva-Leon F, Gale N. From breathless to failure: symptom onset and diagnostic meaning in patients with heart failure – a qualitative study. BMJ Open 2017;7(3):e013648

Taylor CJ, Harrison C, Britt H, Miller G, Hobbs FDR. Heart failure and multimorbidity in Australian general practice. Journal of Comorbidity 2017;7(1):44-49

Taylor CJ, Roalfe AK, Iles R and Hobbs FDR. Ten-year prognosis of heart failure in the community: follow up data from the Echocardiographic Heart of England Screening Study (ECHOES). Eur J Heart Fail 2012; 14(2):176-184

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