Dr John Henry Felix

Honorary Fellow;

Dr John Henry Felix has been a generous supporter of Harris Manchester College over the years and has served as chairman of the Board of Regents and a Vice-President of the college.

Dr Felix was the chair emeritus of the world-renowned Salk Institute for Biological Studies and currently serves as chair of its International Council. A native of Hawaii, Dr Felix is an alumnus of Walden University (PhD). He has written seven books. He is currently chair, president and CEO of HMAA, a health insurance company.

He represents the government of Spain in Hawaii as honorary consul, is a former dean of the Consular Corps of Hawaii and is the recipient of several prestigious decorations from the governments of Portugal and Spain.

Dr Felix is also the recipient of the highest honours from the American Red Cross (Harriman Award, 1976) and the International Red Cross (Henri Dunant Medal, 1983). He received the 2009 Thomas Jefferson Award for outstanding community and public service.

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