Dr Linda Hulin

Research Officer at the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology; Women's Officer

Dr Linda Hulin is research officer at the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology  and a Supernumerary Fellow of Harris Manchester College. She is involved in a number of research projects and teaches archaeology at an undergraduate and graduate level. She is editor of the Palestine Exploration Quarterly, the journal of the Palestine Exploration Fund, which is devoted itself to the history, archaeology and geography of the Levant since 1865. Linda has conducted fieldwork in Cyprus, Egypt, Libya and the Levant. Her main focus is upon cultural contact and exchange and the relationship between aesthetic sensibilities and social identification in the ancient world and modern world: the social impact of empire on both rulers and ruled, inter-regional maritime communities,  and inter-disciplinary approaches to the home.


Linda tutors undergraduate students in two Mods papers: Introduction to World Archaeology and The nature of Archaeological and Anthropological Enquiry, and one final honours paper: Urbanisation and Change in Complex Societies. She also co-teaches one undergraduate option: From Hunting and Gathering to Empire in Southwest Asia, and the Masters level Ancient Maritime Societies. PhD supervision reflects Linda’s research interests: the New Kingdom Egypt and the Levant, pottery studies, and maritime archaeology.

Current research

Linda is currently engaged in a study of maritime lives on land in the Late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean (the Up from the Sea project, in association with Montclair University). She is preparing for publication the results of The western Marmarica Coastal Survey, an exploration of maritime relations in eastern Libya and also writing a work exploring the relationship between individuals and objects, and objects and objects, entitled Conversations between Objects, from Diderot to Douglas.

Selected publications

(2016) J. Anderson, A. Buxton and L. Hulin (eds) InHabit: Text, Object and Domestic Space. Oxford: Peter Lang.

(in press) ‘Aesthetics and the socialisation of the senses: revisiting identity and style in the eastern Mediterranean’, in T. Clack (ed.), Archaeology, Syncretism, Creolisation. Oxford University Press.

(2012) ‘Conversations between Objects: Ambience and the Egyptian Ceramic World at Beth Shan’ in B. Bader and M.F. Ownby (eds), Functional Aspects of Egyptian Ceramics within their Archaeological Context (Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta 217). Leuven: 351-71.

(2011) ‘Pragmatic technology: issues in the interpretation of Libyan material culture’, in K. Duistermaat and I. Regulski (eds), Intercultural contacts in the ancient Mediterranean (Orientalia Lovanienisia Analecta 202). Leuven: 101-14.

(2009)  ‘Consumption, status and Late Cypriot pottery in Egypt”, in R.S. Merrillees, D. Michaelides and M. Iacovou (eds), Egypt and Cyprus in Antiquity: 40-47.  Oxbow Books.

(2012) ‘The Western Marmarica Coastal Survey, Libya’, Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections 4/4: 3-4.

(2010) ‘Western Marmarica Coastal Survey 2010: preliminary report’, by L. Hulin, J. Timby, A.M. Muftah and G. Mutri, Libyan Studies 41: 155-162.

(2009)  ‘Western Marmarica Coastal Survey 2009: preliminary report’, Libyan Studies 40: 95-103.

(2008)  ‘Western Marmarica Coastal Survey 2008: a preliminary report’, Libyan Studies 39:299-314.

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