Elise Roumeas

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Élise Rouméas is a postdoctoral research associate in political theory. She is working on the “Religious Diversity & Public Life” project, which is directed by Elizabeth Frazer, Simon Caney and Teresa Bejan. Élise received her PhD with distinction from SciencesPo Paris in 2016. She has been a Fox Fellow at Yale University (2013-2014) and an Alliance visiting scholar at Columbia University (fall 2015).

Élise has published several chapters and articles on the topic of religious diversity in the public sphere in both English and French. One of her contributions to an edited volume engages with the debate over the place of religious reasons in public discussion (forthcoming, De Gruyter Publishers). Another elucidates the concept of religious pluralism (European University Institute, 2015). She has also previously published two articles on interfaith relations and equal recognition—one in the French journal Archives de sciences sociales des religions (2014) and the other in the Canadian journal Maritain Studies (2014).

Élise’s doctoral dissertation investigates the role of compromise in conflicts stemming from religious diversity. Her postdoctoral research will focus on the particular case of businesses: what should be firms’ response to religious diversity?

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