Dr Luisa Blanco Raynal

Research Fellow

Luisa Blanco is an economist specializing in economic development and international economics, with a focus on the Latin American region. At Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy, Blanco teaches the core course on Macroeconomic Policy and other courses related to the economics specialization, such as Global Economics and Latin American Economic Development.

Blanco is a scholar at the Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research – Center for Health Improvement for Minority Elders (RCMAR-CHIME) at University of California Los Angeles and Adjunct Researcher at RAND Corporation.

Blanco’s research focuses on issues related to economic development and policy-making in Latin American countries, such as institutions, democracy, political instability, crime, capital accumulation, capital flows, financial development, inequality, and natural resources. Blanco also worked on international taxation policy. Currently, Blanco is working on projects related to crime and insecurity issues in the Latin American region. Furthermore, Blanco continues to study what explains capital flows to Latin America at the sector and firm level. As RCMAR-CHIME scholar, Blanco is conducting research related to access to financial services and the well-being of elderly minority populations in the United States. With her empirical research, Blanco aims to provide useful recommendations for policy makers to improve the wellbeing of Latin American countries and their people.

Blanco’s work has been published in journals such as the World DevelopmentJournal of Development StudiesOxford Development StudiesSouthern Economic JournalResources PolicyEnergy EconomicsLatin American Research Review, among others.

Selected publications

Aguila, E., Angrisani, M., Blanco, L. 2016. Ownership of a bank account and health of older Hispanics, Economic Letters, 144, 41-44.

Blanco L, Ponce M, Gongora A, Duru O. 2015. A qualitative analysis of the use of financial services and saving behavior among older African Americans and Latinos in the Los Angeles area. Sage Open. 5, 1. PMID: 26064788. PMCID: PMC4459749.

Blanco, L. 2016. The Impact of Judicial Reform on crime victimization in Mexico. Violence and Victims, 31, 1, 27-50. PMID: 26645670.

Blanco, L., Ruiz, I. 2013. The Impact of Crime and Insecurity on Trust in Democracy and Institutions. American Economic Review, 103, 3, 284-288.

Blanco, L. 2013. The impact of crime on trust in institutions in Mexico. European Journal of Political Economy, 32, 38-55.

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