Peter Watts

Senior Research Fellow; Commercial Law Centre

Peter Watts (Senior Research Fellow at the Commercial Law Centre) is Professor of Law at the University of Auckland (currently on leave) and Visiting Professor at the University of Oxford. He is practising as a barrister at Bankside Chambers in Auckland, and is a door tenant at Fountain Court Chambers, The Temple, London. He is the General Editor of Bowstead & Reynolds on Agency (21st ed., 2017) and has published widely on agency law, company law, and the law of restitution, including: P Watts, N Campbell and C Hare Company Law in New Zealand (2nd ed., 2016), and D Busch, L Macgregor and P Watts (eds) Agency Law in Commercial Practice (2016). He has advised the New Zealand Law Commission and the Law Commission of England and Wales on a number of private law and commercial law projects. In the first half of 2016, Peter was a Leverhulme Visiting Professor to the United Kingdom, based at Oxford.

Other recent scholarship includes:

  • The Travails of Vicarious Liability’, (2019) 135 Law Quarterly Review 7-11
  • ‘Does Apparent Authority Wane?: a Problematic Question in English Agency Law’, [2018] Journal of Business Law 663-678
  • ‘Attribution and Limitation’, (2018) 134 Law Quarterly Review 350-353
  • ‘Forfeiture of Agents’ Remuneration’, in P Devonshire and R Havelock (eds, 2018) Impact of Equity and Restitution in Commerce, 203-226
  • ‘Some Aspects of the Intersection of the Law of Agency with the Law of Trusts’, in P S Davies and J Penner (eds, 2017) Equity, Trusts and Commerce, 29-50
  • ‘The Acts and States of Knowledge of Agents as Factors in Principals’ Restitutionary Liability’, [2017] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 385-411
  • ‘Actual Authority: the Requirement for an Agent Honestly to Believe that an Exercise of Power is in the Principal’s Interests’, [2017] Journal of Business Law 269-281
  • ‘The Insolvency of Agents’, (2017) 133 Law Quarterly Review 11-14
  • ‘Unjust enrichment—The potion that induces well-meaning sloppiness of thought’, [2016] Current Legal Problems 289-325
  • ‘Agents’ Disbursal of Funds in Breach of Instructions’, [2016] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 118-134
  • ‘The Onus of Proof in Restitutionary Claims’, (2016) 132 Law Quarterly Review 11-15
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