Sir Dan Moynihan

Honorary Fellow

Sir Dan Moynihan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Harris Federation, a large group of primary and secondary academies educating over 30,000 young people in and around London.

Dan graduated in Economics at University College London in 1982 and completed a Doctorate in School Improvement in 2002.

His expertise is in turning around previously failing schools and also opening new schools in areas of social deprivation. Previously he was head teacher of two highly successful schools in London.

He has led the Harris Federation since 2004, starting with one school where he was head teacher to where it is today as one of the most successful large academy groups in England. Harris has been regularly noted by the Education Policy Institute and other educational research organisations as one of the top performers for disadvantaged students.  From previously failing, the majority of the academies are now outstanding.

Dan has worked with various Ministers for Education in the development of Education Policy.

He has co-authored various Economics and Business Studies text books for Oxford University Press.

In 2015 Sir Dan was appointed Chair of the Cabinet Office Education Honours Committee.

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