Professor Susan Llewelyn

Emeritus Fellow; Dean of Degrees

Susan Llewelyn is an Emeritus Fellow at Harris Manchester College and Dean of Degrees at the College. She is Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Oxford Health NHS FT.

Professor Llewelyn’s research interests include the development of the profession of clinical psychology, leadership and team working, psychological therapy process, therapeutic ruptures and helpful factors in psychotherapy.   She joined the College in 2000 when she was Director of the Clinical Psychology Doctorate, and now works for the NHS providing advice on strategic organisational development, leadership and team working.  She is also trained in Cognitive Analytic Therapy, and is registered with the Health Professions Council.

Selected books and research publications

Llewelyn, S.P. and Aatjes-van Doorn, K. (in press). Clinical Psychology, a Very Short Introduction, Oxford: OUP

Llewelyn, S. & Murphy, D. (2014). What is Clinical Psychology? 5th edn, Oxford: OUP

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Selected academic papers

Zonzi, A., Barkham, M., Hardy, G. E., Llewelyn, S. P., Stiles, W. B., & Leiman, M. (2014). Zone of proximal development (ZPD) as an ability to play in psychotherapy: A theory‐building case study of very brief therapy. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, 87(4), 447-464.

Diamond, H., Llewelyn, S. Relf M. & Bruce, C.  (2012) Helpful aspects of bereavement support for adults following an expected death:  volunteers’ and bereaved people’s perspectives. Death Studies 36  541-564.

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