Graduate Study at Harris Manchester


If you are thinking of Graduate study at the University of Oxford, take a look at Harris Manchester College.

Graduate admissions and teaching are looked after by Faculties and Departments but, as a postgraduate student, you will also have a college attachment.  So choosing a college is worth a bit of thought.  To make sure that we can support your work while you’re here, we only accept postgraduates for subjects in which we have academics affiliated to the college.  You can see a list of Fellows and Lecturers here and a list of the courses for which we take students here.

We offer:

- A small, very friendly, international community. As Oxford University’s college for mature students, we only take students aged 21 and over, for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.  You will be with like-minded people at similar stages of life.

- A beautiful library, with one of the best book-to-student ratios in Oxford.

- Some financial help with travel to conferences and other research expenses.

- An annual book grant.

- We aim to accommodate most first-year postgraduates who wish to live in college.  Unfortunately we don’t yet offer married or family accommodation but you would be eligible to apply for university accommodation.

- An annual SCR/MCR Symposium. Once a year we get together with drinks to listen to papers delivered by members of the MCR and SCR.  Your research is as valuable to the college as that of the Fellows and we are genuinely interested to hear about your work.

- An annual Supervisors’ Dinner. Once a year we invite you to invite your Supervisor for drinks and dinner in Hall.

  • Prizes for postgraduate students making a significant contribution to college life.

The Tutor for Graduates, Professor Crispin Jenkinson will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


All our students are 21 or over so, in some respects, being a graduate at Harris Manchester is very like being an undergraduate here.  Postgraduates can use the Junior Common Room and the majority of social events are for all students to participate in.  But we also recognise that reading for a higher degree is a different experience from reading for a first degree and we aim to support you accordingly.  There is a Middle Common Room with coffee, books and a TV to relax in.  The MCR Committee organises regular Exchange Dinners with other colleges.  There is an annual SCR/MCR Symposium and a Supervisors’ Dinner.

Organised Talks

SCR/MCR Symposium