Medicine (graduate entry course only)

Medicine (graduate entry)

Harris Manchester’s Medical Tutors are:

Prof Bee Wee (Lead College Tutor)
Dr Gina Hadley (Associate College Tutor)

Rajinder Ander
Jonathan Attwood
Radhika Bali
Grace Barnes
Mariea Brady
Posy Bullman
Cristine Cernei
Francis Collett-White
Suzanne Dash
Maysa Falah

Alex Fleming-Nouri
Louisa Gill
Kim Gorrisen
Simon Hackett
Christian Hays

Victoria Hedges
Nazaneen Hernandez
Cameron Jenkins
Andrew Manning
Meghavi Mashar
David Matthews
Philippa Matthews
John Morris
Aroop Mozumder
Rebecca Muirhead
Alok Prasad

Peter Scanlon
Andrew Soltan
Junko Takata
Ambika Talwar

At Harris Manchester we offer the four year accelerated graduate entry Medicine course (UCAS code A101 BMBCh4).  The College admits between 2-4 students per year for the graduate entry course. The first two years of the course are spent covering both basic science and clinical skills. Integration with the standard six year medical course begins in the second year of the graduate entry course and is complete for the final two years. Although Harris Manchester College does not offer the standard six year medical course, we sometimes accept students at the start of their clinical stage (i.e. the final 3 years of the standard course).  The Oxford medical qualification achieved at the end is the same for the six year course as for the four year accelerated medical course. The four-year course places a strong emphasis on the scientific basis of medical practice, and is particularly suitable for those who wish to consider a clinical academic career pathway.  For information about the application procedure (including the BMAT), and details of eligibility please see

Students at Harris Manchester are well supported by our wide range of Medical tutors, a number of whom are Harris Manchester alumni themselves. There is a thriving medical community in College which meets on a weekly basis for dinner during term-time. Students also join the close-knit wider community of Harris Manchester and have the opportunity to meet fellow students across many disciplines.

Why Harris Manchester? Harris Manchester College has long experience in catering for mature students as the minimum age of our students is twenty-one. Having a student body who have a wide range of life experience beyond high school, makes it an excellent first choice for those embarking on medicine as a second degree. So, if you will be aged 21 or over when you start your course, consider making us your first choice of college; that way you will have the best chance of coming to a college that is particularly welcoming to mature students and where you will be mixing with other students who have a wide range of life experience beyond school.