Accommodation and Meals


Harris Manchester is centrally situated in a quiet location just a few minutes away from the Bodleian Library and many faculty libraries, the science area and the centre of Oxford.  All College accommodation is on the main site and undergraduate students are generally accommodated for at least the first and finals years of their course, whilst graduate accommodation is awarded by ballot.  We are unable to provide accommodation for couples or families.  All rooms are wired to the internet  and the majority are en suite.  There is a mix of modernised 16th and 17th Century houses and some new improved accommodation built in a classical style, including a recently completed clock tower building.




The charges for living in college include meals, which are of a consistently high standard.  There are two student common rooms (MCR and JCR), a Bar and kitchens which students have access to. There is a also a communal launderette, computer room for all students. No student is required to live in College for any part of his or her course, but the University regulations require residence within 6 miles (or, in certain circumstances, 25 miles) of the centre of Oxford. For further information please see




It is not usually possible for undergraduates students to live in College in vacations, but they may store some of their belongings in College, with the agreement of the Accommodation Manager.  Accommodation Charges (Battels) in 2018-19 will be £2,000 per term, or £6,000 per annum, for single study-bedroom (with no extra bills), and seventeen meals per week (= 3 meals per day, Monday to Friday; breakfast, Saturday and Sunday brunch).  Also included in the costs are use of student kitchens, cleaning services, provision and laundering of bed linen.




Graduate students may opt for a 9 month tenancy which runs continuously from October to June.  In 2018-19  the charge for a 9 month tenancy will be £7,494 per annum.  This figure includes meals during term-time only.  For those who are required to stay for longer periods there will be an additional charge of £22 per day.  Meals out of term time cannot be guaranteed and are charged in addition to the above amount.

The College has no self-catering accommodation.

Students living out of College may sign in for any meals and will be billed for them at the current rates at the end of each term.

Harris Manchester has signed up to and is compliant with the Universities UK Code of Practice for the Management of Student Housing.


Seventeen meals a week are provided in the College Dining Hall.  Students who are resident in College should be aware that it is not possible to be self-catering, though they may sign out of a small number of meals every term and receive credits. While students may sign guests into any meal, Monday and Wednesday evenings are formal dinners, for which members are expected to dress more formally and to wear their academic gowns. There are also a number of special meals, such as College Christmas Dinner and JCR Guest Night. Students living out of College are most welcome to take meals in College and to sign in guests. The College prides itself on the quality of its food and makes an effort to cater effectively for vegetarians and those on special diets.


Please note that the College is unable to offer parking.

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