Finance and Support

Fees 2019/20

Course fees are fixed for each year and are subject to variation from one year to the next. Accommodation charges also vary from year to year. As much notice as possible is given of any increases in fees and charges.

Undergraduate fees

For up to date information on fees for 2019/20 please click here.

Accommodation charges

For information about accommodation and charges please click here.

Living costs

The University estimates that in 2019/20 the average annual maintenance costs for an Oxford undergraduate living for 27 weeks of the year in College accommodation will be approximately £9,525-£1314,790.  This figure includes accommodation charges.

The University estimates that a graduate student or an undergraduate who needs to live in Oxford year-round should allow approximately £12,698-£19,721 to cover living costs in Oxford for a 12 month period. This figure does not include travel costs.

Further information can be found here.

Sources of funding for students from the UK or EU reading for a first undergraduate degree

Those from low income backgrounds may be eligible for sources of financial support including Oxford Bursaries and Crankstart Bursaries amongst others .  For further information about all available support please click here.

In addition the Government offers further financial support for those from low income backgrounds.  For further information please click here.

Scholarships for those reading for Second Undergraduate Degrees

Those who are reading for a Second Undergraduate Degree may be awarded a scholarship.  These are awarded on the basis of academic merit and all those reading for a 2nd BA are eligible including overseas students from outside the EU.  There is no requirement to apply for these scholarships as all those admitted to Harris Manchester who are reading for a Second Undergraduate Degree are automatically considered.

Other Scholarships

For information about other scholarships and bursaries which are awarded to Harris Manchester students please click here.  For a comprehensive list of all scholarships available across the wider collegiate University please click here.

Hardship Funds

College and University Hardship Funds are available to both undergraduate and graduate students who have a financial difficulty which was unforeseen at the time of accepting the place.  Forms for each of these are available from the College’s Academic Office.   Students in financial difficulty may also apply to the JCR Trust.

Book Bursaries

Thanks to the generosity of All Souls College, every student receives a bursary towards buying books.

Conference and Travel Grants

Students may apply for grants towards attendance at conferences and for travel costs for field work trips.

Childcare funds

Home students should apply through the Access to Learning Fund for childcare provision costs.
1. Childcare Grant. This is funding provided by the government and students apply through their LA. This is for childcare provision costs for full time students with dependent children in registered or approved childcare. It is based on actual childcare costs and is means tested.
2. Parents’ Learning Allowance. This is for course-related costs for full time students with dependent children. It is means tested and students apply through their LA.
3. Child Tax Credits. For students this replaces Dependants Grant for children. It is means tested on income and circumstances (Inland Revenue). You don’t have to be working to claim it.

Funding for students with disabilities

Disabled Student Allowance
Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA).  These are available to all British (“home”) students. They are not means-tested and the assistance does not have to be repaid. For further information please click here.

SpLD Fund
The SpLD Fund is an Oxford University fund to cover the costs of  assessments for learning disabilities such as dyslexia or dyspraxia.

Please contact the Academic Office for further information:
E-mail: or telephone 01865 271009