Summer Research Institute


We welcome Universities and Colleges from around the world to join the Summer Research Institute of Harris Manchester College, in the University of Oxford. The Institute meets for one week in the Summer of every year;  usually the first week of July. We welcome academics from all over the world to come to Oxford to use our unique University libraries, stay in the College, have wonderful meals and meet new academics. 

The week is an oasis for academics to research, write, and think in the peaceful academic setting of the College and with the extraordinary facilities, archives, and libraries that Oxford can offer.

Alongside access to libraries and I.T. support, delegates will be offered expert  personal assistance in planning and organising the week.

Members of the Summer Research Institute will take meals in the College’s beautiful dining hall, where the College’s talented chef will provide excellent food, and cater for dietary needs.

At a special academic dinner at the end of the week, delegates will receive certificates recording that they have been a Visiting Academic at the Summer Research Institute of Harris Manchester College in the University of Oxford.

All our guests have access to the Senior Common Room where daily newspapers, fresh coffee, a selection of teas and biscuits are freely available all day.


The College provide comfortable accommodation in en-suite rooms. The newly opened Siew- Sngiem Clock and Bell Tower, for example, contains some of the most splendid rooms in Oxford.

We also have accommodation which is fully accessible for those with limited mobility.

Membership of the Summer Research Institute is open to Universities and Colleges. Membership lasts for three years at a one off cost of £6,000. This can be renewed for further periods of three years.

Each member University or College nominate one academic to each year to attend the Summer Research Institution. Thus, over the three year period, three academics benefit from this opportunity.

We have been running this programme for over fifteen years and are confident of its value, not only to the individuals who attend but to their Universities. Its contribution to professional development has always been greatly appreciated.

The College

 The College was re-founded in 1786 to train people for the learned professions. It is a full college of the University of Oxford accepting students over the age of 21 to enlist in higher degrees.

The major subjects taught by the College are: Clinical Medicine, Law, Economics, Engineering, English, History, Human Sciences, Philosophy, Politics, Archaeology and Anthropology, Theology, Clinical Psychology.

Summer Research Institute dates:

2017 dates: 2nd  July – 9th July

2018 dates: 1st  July – 8th July

2019 dates: 30th  June – 7th July

2020 dates: 28th  June – 5th July


Membership can be arranged by contacting Kate Wilson who will be happy to assist with any questions: +44 1865 618082

This highly successful week has been running for over 15 years.

For further information, booking forms and brochures, please contact or +44 1865 618082