The JCR Trust

The HMC JCR Trust was established in 2001 to provide modest cash grants to HMC students who have a pressing short-term need for extra funds.

For example we help students replace stolen laptops, cover various emergency expenses, top-up rent payments during enforced vacation stays, provide extra help with food and clothing bills, or cover unexpected grant shortfalls or late payments of student loans. We try to cover those unforeseen events in life that can overtake anybody at anytime and seem utterly overwhelming.

Such events often cause great misery and can lead to a period of very poor academic performance and great stress.

Our maximum individual grant is £750, which for many students can be a genuine lifeline. HMC’s distinctive mature student profile makes access to such amounts especially significant as many students arrive at Oxford with substantial ‘real world’ commitments.

We can only support people through such difficult times if we have a stable financial basis. We try to secure this by drawing on a number of sources.

One is individual donations and we are very grateful for some very generous gifts that we have received over a number of years. Fund raising events such as alumni dinners play a key role. College is generous in providing free facilities and a great venue and we are lucky to have the support of the catering team. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, the provision of funds through regular direct debits from past students. This is our most reliable source of income. These payments range from £5 to £50 per month and is a very important source of funding which we’d like to encourage.

If you are interested in making a single donation to the Trust please use this form:-
JCR Trust One off payment

If you are interested in setting up a standing order for the benefit of the Trust please use this form:-
JCR Trust Standing Order Form

The Trustees meet once a term but applications can be made at any time. All applications are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Please find an application form attached here :-
JCR Trust Application Form

For more information contact the Treasurer, Sue Killoran via Facebook or email

Trustees of the HMC JCR Trust are:-

Rupert Bell Matthew Bull Martin Cox
John Henry Stephen Jacobs Sue Killoran
Steven McMullin Kay Munn Julia Richardson
Ignacio Silva John White