Wellbeing Research Centre

The Wellbeing Research Centre brings together Oxford academics to advance the interdisciplinary science of wellbeing and how to best improve lives.


The establishment of this interdisciplinary research Centre at the University of Oxford will advance the science of wellbeing and become a major platform for helping communities and organizations around the world put wellbeing at the heart of their decision-making. This follows on a long-term funding agreement between Harris Manchester College and KSI Education, an investment fund headquartered in London and built on the philosophy that investing in education and student wellbeing improves performance and changes lives.

Some key questions set to be explored by Centre researchers include:

  • What are the key drivers of wellbeing over the life course and what is their relative importance?
  • How do changes in wellbeing impact other outcomes such as productivity, K-12 educational performance, and voting behaviour?
  • How to harness big data to allow for new ways to measure individual and community wellbeing?
  • Should wellbeing be a policy objective?
  • How to code for optimizing wellbeing in algorithms that enable human-centred AI?