Dr Alexandra Alvergne

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Dr Alexandra Alvergne

Supernumerary Fellow

CNRS Research Fellow (Institute for Evolutionary Sciences, Montpellier University, France)

My research focuses on understanding the relationship between reproduction and health in contemporary human populations. Most recently, I have been working on contraceptive dynamics using ecological and cultural evolution approaches.

I seek to understand the role of the environment, be it social, cultural or pathogenic, in shaping diversity in reproductive and non-reproductive health. Some of the questions I am currently interested in are :

  • Why do women discontinue modern contraception whilst in need of contraceptives ?
  • What is the impact of infection on menstrual health ?
  • How can we understand diversity in age at menopause ?
  • What is the impact of reproduction on ageing ?

To answer those questions, I use various types of data (demographic, physiological, social networks, behavioural) from constrasted populations (the UK, India, Ethiopia and France).

Before joining CNRS, I have been an Associate Professor in the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Harris Manchester College.