Dr Eric Eve

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Dr Eric Eve

Official Fellow (Robert Wills Fellow)

Tutor in Theology; Secretary to the Governing Body

Eric Eve is the Robert Wills Fellow and Tutor in Theology at Harris Manchester College, Oxford. He is the course director for the College’s Theology undergraduates and Postgraduate Diploma in Theology students, and teaches New Testament. He originally studied Engineering Science at Brasenose College and went on to work for EMI Electronics Ltd in the field of radar aerials before spending 15 years in the family business. He then returned to Oxford where he obtained his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in Theology at Harris Manchester. 

Eric’s research is principally related to the Gospels. He has written on Jesus’ miracles, the Synoptic Problem (the question of the literary relationship between the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke) from a Q-sceptical perspective and on the Gospels in relation to ancient media studies (how issues of orality, scribal techniques and both collective and individual memory bear on the composition of the Gospels and the traditions behind them). 29-47.