Dr Ross McAdam

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Dr Ross McAdam

Official Fellow

Associate Professor in Civil Engineering

Ross McAdam is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the Department of Engineering Science, working predominantly in the Geotechnical Engineering group.

His research interests have grown through a broad experience of both industrial and academic roles, predominantly in the development of improved design methodologies and monitoring frameworks for offshore marine renewable energy structures.

After completing undergraduate and doctorate degrees in Engineering Science at Oxford, focusing on the structural and hydrodynamic design of tidal stream energy extraction, Ross McAdam was an Advanced Composites Design Engineer at Gurit UK  on the Isle of Wight, working on the design of a wide range of composite structures and applications. On his return to academia, he developed a new research focus as the lead post-doctoral researcher on the highly successful joint-industry Pile Soil Analysis (PISA) project, which has been the catalyst for a range of research activity within the Geotechnical Engineering Group.

Teaching and supervision

Ross lectures in Geotechnical Engineering for the Engineering Science undergraduate course and postgraduate REMS Centre for Doctoral Training. He organises undergraduate laboratories in soil mechanics and coursework modules in Engineering surveying. He has been a long standing part of the Engineering Design teaching team, demonstrating in CAD labs and coursework modules. Ross supervises several doctoral and fourth year undergraduate research projects over a range of Geotechnical Engineering problems.

For Harris Manchester he will be leading tutorials for first and second year students in structures, mechanics, materials and dynamics.


While the offshore wind sector is seeing unprecedented expansion and investment in the North Sea and Baltic regions, it is imperative to reduce costs and increase resilience and reliability within the industry. Poor design methods result in uncertainty and over-conservatism of offshore wind foundations, which account for approximately 25% of project total costs, and therefore provide significant potential for optimisation and cost saving. Ross McAdam works on the development of improved design methods that aim to reduce the uncertainty in the prediction of the static and cyclic response of offshore wind foundations, as well as under phenomena such as scour and dynamic loading. These objectives are supported by research into the application of signal processing, model optimisation and novelty detection to monitored offshore structures in order to provide intelligent feedback on design method validation and development, operational assessment, surrogate modelling and life extension analysis.