Christmas Vacation 2021- Library Arrangements

As this term draws to a close, I thought it would be useful to set out the arrangements for the Library over the next couple of weeks and during the Vacation.


•    Books out now are due back 3rd December.  If you've not finished with your books, you are able to renew them from today until 21st January 2022.  All books taken out from today are also due 21st January.  If you have any problems renewing books, please let us know and we can do it for you.
•    The Library will move to vacation hours, 8am-10pm, on Saturday 11th December.  It will be closed entirely from 4.30pm 20th December and re-open at 9 am Tuesday 4th January.  
•    Most of the Bodleian libraries will remain open until 5pm 23rd December but will close from 24th December to 3rd January inclusive.  
•    You are welcome to store items, by arrangement, under the stairs and spare shelves in the Library over Vacation.  Please make sure to clearly label them and collect by the end of Hilary 1st week. 


Many thanks for making the Library a safe working space this term by wearing masks and tolerating the open windows.  It has been great to have so many of you back in the Library.


Happy Christmas to all,


Kate and Niall